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BioCatalyst aligns outstanding science, startup capital, hands on business management and decades of experience to deliver sustainable biotechnology based commercial ventures.

We execute the necessary steps, in partnership with scientific founders, to create sustainable, high-growth startup companies.

These steps include:

1. Establish an agreement between the scientific founders and a business partner (BioCatalyst) on the objectives and goals of the new company.
2. Complete a market research report and competitive analysis to confirm the needs of the market. The first step in this process is a “Gate One” report to determine market viability. The next step is a full market research report, which will include the field interviews that will be a key component of the business plan.
3. Supply seed capital to support the attainment of milestones during the first 18 to 24 months.
4. Attract traditional venture funding on the basis of validated milestones following the 24 month startup point.
5. Integrate the BioCatalyst metrics system to manage the operating milestones and establish a sense of urgency.
6. Create a full initial sales, marketing and technical support program for the organization.
7. Hire and train sales representatives and develop key accounts.
8. Recruit and place full independent management team once full sales activities are initiated.

At this point, a sustainable startup has been created.

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